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About Us

We are the first-ever immersive narrative travel agency. We plan all-inclusive trips, organizing the entire itinerary including lodging, rental vehicles, meals, drinks, and all sorts of other treats. We also weave immersive stories throughout each of our experiences, with live actors, immersive technology, phone and video calls, physical clues, and more.

Taking one of our trips is like experiencing “The Game” or “Westworld” in real life, and you’ll come away having had a deeply meaningful experience of the place you’re touring and the people you’re travelling with.

Our Trips

The dream Thief

The Dream Thief

In an urban fairytale, you’ll embark on an adventure to reclaim your stolen dreams and unravel the mystery of a supernatural thief on the run.

Negative Pickup

Negative Pickup

It was supposed to be a simple job. At least that's what the ad said. Now you've got a mysterious package and a missing person (or maybe they just flaked?) and with each passing hour, you find this gig is many things, but simple ain't one of them.

The Headlands Gamble

The Headlands Gamble

Along California’s stunning northern coast, in the mystical headlands of Marin County, live some of America’s most prized racehorses. But not even the magical beauty surrounding these animals and their devoted handlers can protect them from the darker sides of humanity...

Bespoke Experiences

Let us create a bespoke immersive narrative travel experience just for your family or group, of any duration, and in any location. Contact us using the form below for more information.

Create With Charter

The technology that powers our trips, Charter, is available to all creators for making, operating and scaling immersive experiences.

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